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But to quote sun tzu some more

Generally the one who first occupies the battlefield awaiting the enemy is at ease;
the one who comes later and rushes into battle is fatigued.

Whilst I agree with secrecy to keep things competitive - but things like a fake box, fake card for display, and getting everyone riled up about announcements is just having a larger negative impact losing a lot of ground on top of being very very late in the game and the TDP issues with them(not sure if the other thread stating that they had to cut out SM units to drop the TDP on the card is true or not). I think nvidia to keep the masses faithful to them is just release some legitamite figures to assure them they are right in waiting. They know what ati has in store, and the possible competition counter attacks for when Fermi is released - so releasing a few numbers just to keep them a little happy prob would be a good idea imo.

I myself hope that fermi lives up the hype and takes this bloody monopoly off ati and I can get a 2nd 5870 for a reasonable price.
I couldnt think of something snarky or interesting to put here this time around.
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