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I've stayed quiet long enough.

Why the hell should they show it's performance before they are ready for release? To appease whining forum dwellers? Sorry, no can do.

In my opinion, NVIDIA is playing an excellent game of poker here since everyone has been left guessing and as such, their competition has no idea what NVIDIA will be releasing in about a week's time. There have been many guesses (some of which are educated, many of which are not) but that's about it. There have been little to no leaks, no ass-backwards Asian sites that leak delinquent performance with alpha drivers, etc. THIS is the way you stop the competition from predicting and countering your product before it is even released.

This is a billion dollar industry and a company can't continue to operate without a good amount of secrecy surrounding their products. Yes, NVIDIA is "late" but who the heck cares? It is better to be late than release a product which isn't ready for prime time. Some how, there are people who don't seem to understand that.
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