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look at what I found , and the guy express exactly what i'm thinking , and look also at the date it was publish.. :

Oct 7 2009, 11:39 AM

Mr Hsun has made a major mistake in a product announcement, a few scant spec were detailed and a card waved in the air and put on a desk. The rumor mills are now alive with stories of Geforce products demise and Nvidia's financial collapse,
First rule of press announcements don't wave around a product unless you are prepared to demonstrate it ( have a look at Intel or Apple's new product announcements). At this announcement what people wanted was a demonstration of the product so it should have been placed on a test setup (with oem card makers and review site journo's present in numbers) and 3d mark 06 ran and then the comparison 5870 ran on the same rig.
Unfortunately Mr Hsun has given the impression to a wide audience that both his and his crew's statements are not very credible.
The only way this impression can be now countered is for the product to be fully demonstrated. (I am Nvidia product user and have owned 2 cards an 8800 ultra and a GTX260 216 core).
Mr Hsun stay away from poker! Your bluff's been called and now you have to put your cards on the table.
Disappointed with Mr Hsun's FERMI announcement. - NVIDIA Forums

so it's about time he show the card no... it's not me who start this negative thing's Hsun himself

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