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Default Silverstone Strider Plus 850 review

In regards to the Silverstone Strider 850 review, and the comment that the PCI cables had a "capacitor" attached to the end to "supposedly" reduce "ripple"and improve "volatge regulation".

The photo shows what appears to be a heat-shrinked tubular device on these cables. That makes it a ordinary ferrite choke (inductor) surrounding the conductors. This adds inductive reactance to the circuit. It's a simple line noise filter, (and a nice touch). See any HP laptop power supply for comparables.

Secondly, IMO the computer bad capacitor scandal is long gone. What I'd like to see in PSU reviews for filtering specs is:

1. Size in microfarads plus total primary and secondary values.
2. Temp rating.
3. Type of cap.
9. Manufacturer.
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