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Originally Posted by tzetsin View Post
ok, I'm not sure im understanding this part of overclocking and i think i better get it streight in head. How would you define the limit of a processor? can you overclock it only to a specific point? or is it really only limited in how cold you can get it? Does extreem cold affect the performance of the processor? I would assume, that because of the cold the molicules are much closer together, making it easier for power to travel through the system, but i live in canada, so i know that that theory is flawed cause when i go out and start my truck every morning, i know that the cold certainly doesnt make ITS electrical system any better.
That's pretty much it! Your processor loves COLD. The colder it gets, the better. I do not really know the scientific rules/formula behind it....but the cold makes is easier to conduct electric signal...the colder it is...the faster those signal run through a processor.

Any processor always has an overclocking limit, for some processors it is higher than others...and our goal is ofcourse to find that limit.... It has been proven that the colder the processor, the higher we can push the OC limit. Check out these examples on a 3.0GHz CPU:

On stock air...a CPU gets hot quickly and will give up fast. You'll reach let's say 3.5GHz?
On aftermarket air(better cooling performance) is takes longer to get hot, therefore you could reach 3.8GHz?
On watercooling temps can be held at ambient temps..which is usually takes way longer for a CPU to overheat so you could reach 4.2GHz?
On a Phase change temps go down to -40C under load....and your CPU lovers it!! You could go up to 4.8GHz?

The ultimate would be liquid nitrogen (only insane ppl use that) to cool/freeze your processor down to -180C and that is just sick! This should enable you to push it to 5.XX GHz....or higher! I believe the worldrecord is set at 8.XXGHz??? all depends on your processor....some go fast....others don't! I hope this explains it a bit....As for cars....there is a lot of other stuff involved that will NOT make a car start when it freezes!
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