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My System Specs


Thanks, I worked hard on both - the HSPC tech station is great to work with, but a nightmare for cable management... I never did run my Quads on air - can't help you here. Both are folding ATM; the HSPC Quad has a 50-52C average on all cores, and I managed to hit 4.2 with it. The Lian Li Quad has a problem with its cores: 2 run at 54-56C, when the 2 others run at 44-46C... I've tried everything: re-installed the block 3 times, lapped both block and Quad... nothing works. The same temperature difference is still there.

The NCIX kit ( is complete, minus the liquid you wish to use. I prefer the Swiftech liquid - cheap and works fine. Just add distilled water.

Folding FAQ:
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