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Originally Posted by fishingfanatic View Post
I'm adding to my current system to eventually bump up to the new core i7. I already have a pretty good system but am about to add 2 5970 HD black extreme video cards. Now I've tried to use different sites to calculate the required ps and it just doesn't seem right. The system has the Intel 9550, on a P5E3 Deluxe mb.
There is 8 gigs of 1333 DDR3, an Ultra Chill Tec piezo electric cpu cooler, the Creative Fatality Titanium Champion , with the front panel. There are 5 cooling fans, standard I believe. There is a DVD/RW, 3 HDD @ 10 000 rpms 2 150s, 1 300 and 1 HDD @7200 rpms, 500 gigs. The current ps is the Corsair 1000 w modular unit. The average results are about 700 watts but The 2 video cards are rated at 300 watts each. Am I missing something, or does this sound right?

Thanks, Dave
Two 5970's is overkill, but I like overkill so hooah! lol I'd go with a 1200watt psu, they're not much more in price then their 1000watt counterparts and it'll give you enough power on the next overkill thing you pull off! lol I kid, I kid.
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