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Originally Posted by FtGF View Post
.... Please don't give semiaccurate hits this hurts your credibility MarkOne that sight is a joke. Also MarkOne what is with your anti Nvidia campaign? It's getting a little lame. We should all be excited that the new series is coming out if it's awesome yay for us if it sucks well that means Nvidia is going to try way harder next time.

At least I can see the fanboys a mile away.
you completely in the ditch. you see nothing at all, you just probably a plain stupid blind Nvidia fanboy your self . my money have no color I buy what is the best for my need. ( note that I don't say your are stupid, I say blind stupid, because Nvidia is counting on fan boy like you to wait they are ready

I have $ 1500 ready in my bank account to buy 2 * gtx 470, for put on my new build, not the obsidian an other one, look at it tonight , of course I will buy them if they are what they promisse to us ( the Best gaming GPU ) . if I look ATI fan boy it's because I'm tire of the hypocrit route Nviidia choose. and I try to find a reason, it's why I read thing from guy like Charlie, to try to see what hapen, I'm not a believer at all, I will see when I gone see it.

I wait 6 months before buy my 5870., if I was so much ATI fan boy I will have buy it the day they hit the shelf.

as you see I don't like when people put me fabboy label.

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