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My System Specs


the best free program i've found to calibrate a monitor is found here:Hex2Bit - Software by Mike Walters

it can calibrate brightness/contrast and RGB tracking, but will not help you to adjust to 6500K; this can be done the following way - it does not guarantee accuracy, but it will be very close.

Get a gray scale or gray card and put it on the wall behind your monitor, just high enough that you can see it above the monitor.
use a 6500K compact fluorescent to light it, making sure light falls only on the back of the monitor, and shut down all other lights.
put a b/w photo that has a wide tonality range on the screen, or a gray scale (full screen, so nothing else than gray shows)
go to the monitor's manual adjustments for RGB settings (right now, you should find the color setting to be on 65K fixed) and adjust only 2 of the 3 colors, like R and B, until the gray on the screen is the same color as the gray on the wall.
just be patient, it can get tiring, just take a break once in a while, and come back to it.

the results should be very good, and it will cost you little.

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