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Default enclosure for SATA 2?

I'm wondering what is a good enclosure for HDDs. Is a passive aluminum enclosure still okay? How do I know if it will support SATA 2 speeds? If I go with eSATA and a 'Green' drive for storage, I'll want the fastest speed I'm allowed, right?

I have a Vantec NexStar 3, currently, with a drive. It gets a bit warm but I think it's okay. Somebody on Newegg says those enclosures don't support Sata II. Huh?

Anyway, I hope someone can recommend some. I will want to get one when I buy a drive. I thought if I go with a 'green' drive, I don't need an enclosure with a fan. If I bought a standard HDD at 7200rpm, I might want one with a fan? My HDD in the Vantec I have now is a standard HDD but I think the temps are acceptable....hopefully...

Which enclosures do you recommend?
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