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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Jack Rabbit View Post
I would sure hope so. This is a very simple configuration and any RAID system that can not handle it is not worthy of the name.

My P5N32 is doing that setup right now except the lonely drive is a 250. All I had to do was set drive 0 and 1 as part of the RAID in the BIOS and set drive 2 as normal. Then reboot and go into the RAID BIOS and tell it to put both drives in a RAID 0 group. Then reboot again and get the floppy disk ready for 'F6' installing drivers in XP. It took me longer to fight with getting the floppy to work than all the rest of the process.

Download the manual and it should be pretty clear how you would do the same.
Yeah well you see on my P5N-E SLI, doing so just messed it all up. The board is now unstable at a previous stable overclock. However this motherboard has been quirky since day one I guess.

I've already ordered the Maximus Formula so it better work...
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