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Originally Posted by tzetsin View Post
ok, I'm not sure im understanding this part of overclocking and i think i better get it streight in head. How would you define the limit of a processor? can you overclock it only to a specific point? or is it really only limited in how cold you can get it? Does extreem cold affect the performance of the processor? I would assume, that because of the cold the molicules are much closer together, making it easier for power to travel through the system, but i live in canada, so i know that that theory is flawed cause when i go out and start my truck every morning, i know that the cold certainly doesnt make ITS electrical system any better.
Overclocking depends on so many different things you can't say if its one thing or another which is why when you overclock a system you can spend HOURS doing it to tweak things just right.

I've probably spent at least 4-5 hours getting my machine to run from 2.4ghz to 3.5ghz on a e6600 due to finding the sweet spot for FSB and Voltages.
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