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Thank you!

I'm having some random computer shutdown problem and after several test I suspect it's either the psu and/or the mobo. So I was wondering whether I'll invest in old replacement spare parts or in a full upgrade (mine is a 5y old: A7N8X, 2400+ Tbred, 2x512 DDR333, 9500pro).

It only partially fit in your contest because I donít need a new case or monitor , but on DC I could buy a M2N-E, 3800+, TruePower 2.0 430W, 2x512 DDR2 667 and X1300pro for 461$.

On the other side a replacement psu for my old system wonít cost more than 40$ and if I need to change the mobo, the same one on ebay is near 150$, but if Iím willing to downgrade it could cost 60-80$. I donít know for you, but just the notion of decreasing the performance of an aging system freaks me out. But it will save money and I could wait for the next AM3 technology, because it seems that thereís no good board in the AM2 category. What do you think? :help:
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