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Default Heatsink that is compatible with Radeon 4870 and Radeon 5850?

Because of the high prices of the Radeon 5850 at the moment, I'm tempted to just get the 4870 just to use until the prices of the 5850 drops. My little brother is using an ancient Geforce 8600. While the prices of the 4870 are not at an all-time low, it's still low enough for me to consider and it still performs great with the latest games like BF: BC2. I'm going to use it to power my dual 24" LCDs with 1920x1200 resolution. The cards that I intend to get will be using the reference AMD design. I want to get a replacement cooler to reduce the amount of noise that will be created. My question here is whether there are any replacement coolers on the market that will fit both the Radeon 4870 and 5850?
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