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Originally Posted by technix View Post
Btw, can anyone tell me the differences between these cheap SSDs?

Kingston has the SSDNow V (reg.), V Gen II and the V+.

Corsair has a new one, still Indilinx, Reactor R60.

OCZ, of course, has a bunch of Vertex varieties. Is the Vertex (cheapest, not Agility) better than the above ones?

Are any of them worth it? The reg. Kingston is pretty cheap right now.

I want to buy a new laptop eventually and hopefully, it will be as powerful or even moreso than my desktop so an Intel for that (or Sandforce controller SSD) would be ideal. I can't imagine leaving a laptop with a typical notebook drive, really. An SSD would make it even lighter and seems especially suited for a laptop since laptops are fragile in the first place.
If you can wait awhile for Sandforce....I would. They will be the new flagship model so all the older gen will be pushed down into a lower price bracket.

The Kingston SSDNow V+ gen 2 is a toshiba controller based SSD. Its decent kit, has ITGC and TRIM but its not marketed nor designed to be compition for the Indilinx or Intel SSD's. Its a good mid tier drive, but has immature firmware right now. GREAT potential but kinda doesnt live up to it...yet.

The SSDnow V gen 2 is a JMicron based SSD. Its also decent kit but once again is not exactly flagship levels of power. Very good for its price range and EONS better than the orignal V it replaces.

The SSDNow V gen 1 is an OLD now EOL'ed SSD that has a JM602 in it. Decent for its day....but that day is looooong gone.

No comment on the new Corsair SSDs (havent taken one apart yet). Its a
its probably good.

OCZ line goes (from low end to high end) Solid < Agility < Vertex < Vertex EX. The Agility is a great value drive. Very decent for its price. In my personal experience it has a 10 - 15% hit in performance compared to the Vertex. Still a great way to get into SSDs. The Vertex is a great drive. Intel is faster overall but a 128GB drive is more comfortable size for many compared to 80GB the Intel offers. BUT the 128GB is a different performing beast from the 60GBs. The 60's are slower than the 128s (Indinlix's sweet spot is 128GB). So I'd get a 120GB Agility instead of a 60GB Vertex IF it came down to choosing between them. ;)

IF you have the coin do spend on a Intel X25M gen 2, AND dont want to wait for a few months get either an Intel or a Vertex. IF you want to save a few bucks drop back to an Agility or SSDNow V+ gen 2 SSD. ANY of these will simply blow away your existing HDD's in speed and system responsiveness. :)
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