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Hey, don't worry: the more (posts), the merrier!

I was thinking along similar lines, too, but for a lower capacity cheaper drive.

Besides the Intel one at $234, Corsair, Kingston and OCZ have 60/64GB SSDs from $145 to $199. I know they aren't as good as the Intel but that isn't bad for a current SSD? I don't know how much cheaper they'll go for and although I prefer any with the Sandforce controller, I noticed some that got released are around $400 for 100GB.

I thought any of the SSDs I could get I can switch to a secondary computer if I want a better one later.

I plan on installing Windows7 on it and just having the OS installed so data would be stored on 1TB drives. When I can afford a better SSD, it would just be a matter of reinstalling Windows. I understand 60/64GB is enough space for Windows 7...Right?

However, it all depends on what the new SSDs will do to current prices, I guess.
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