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I' dont mean to hijack this (and I follow TECHNIX post as it could help me also), but nobody recommends the following:

Kingston SSDNow V Series Gen II 128GB 2.5IN SATA2 Solid State Disk Flash Drive
$289.99 over at

Ok by the reviews, it's NOT a top-tier part. But it holds it's own, and has a sort of automatic "TRIM-like" function. It uses a newer Jmicron controller (JM618 I think), so no more stutters. Almost $1-less per GB compared to Intel 80GB.

I hesitate between this 128GB and the Intel 80GB. The reason behind this is the following. When faster and bigger SSDs will be the norm and drop in price (1-2 years down the road, let's say), I could still re-use the same 128GB SSD to put in my laptop (and use the bundled 2.5" HDD enclosure to recycle my lappy's 500GB 7200 Seagate drive into an external drive). Then I could buy a faster SSD for my Desktop (which will be close to retirement by then I assume...

Is my reasoning holds the road?
After all, my rig (see in sig) only has 1X WD250GB SE16 drive right now. So is that Kingston drive would make an incredible difference?
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