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My System Specs


Originally Posted by chriskwarren View Post
Thats pretty good.

In a completely unrelated topic, (sorry to hijack) there are about 200 i7 920s on eBay for the incredible price of just $80.
Intel Core i7 I7-920 2.66GHz Batch 3951A424 - eBay (item 110504658536 end time Mar-09-10 11:18:43 PST)

Should I post this in the 'Hot Deals' section instead?
This should be posted in the scam alert section, since this is a popular eBay scheme nowadays. Their feedback is made of selling inexpensive items to their own accounts, mixed with a few real buyers for a good measure. They won't take money and run, that's old, instead they will send everyone some garbage hardware, like the old Pentium III, so it won't be considered a fraud, but a "wrong item". When you try report this to eBay, Paypal, Visa, they will ask you to ship the item back before taking any actions, the package will then bounce back to you after 30 days as unclaimed by recipient, and you won't be able to get your money back, because technically you have the package in your possession, rinse, repeat.

They could be using the Newegg story to make people believe they got the real CPUs from that batch, so the price looks believable.
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