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Originally Posted by bushwickbill View Post
Thanx for the replies. Any confirmed prices on the 470 or 480 Fermi? And doesn't the ATI 5850 come very close to the performance of the 470?..

don't dream about it , the Fermi have to be close or better than the 5870 or they better not show their face, with all the crap around their delay and the fact they say it will be the fastest one. as for the price it will not be lower than a 5870 for sure.

[quote=Ryoohki;344750]Tesselation is cool but full screen refresh of special effect is even cooler i think. It shows in Dirt2 in gameplay vs DX9 (witch have either 1/4 screen or 1/2 screen mode). The 5770 is pretty good and solid of you want to play at 1920x1080 with mild fsaa (2x) and have great FPS..[/quote]

my 5870 is just enough for a 24" , I guess it depends of what you means by a great fps.

and Give me a break with your $ 150, 5770 , the OP have already a GTX 260 , a card that perform close to the 5770 , he want to improove not change 4 * 25 cents for a dollard ..

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