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sswilson pretty much summed it up and artistpavel had the perfect point.

The PPC (pay-per-click) model isn't used that much anymore aside from Google and other "ad" vendors.

You can generally tell a PPC vs a PPM (views) because views are really only concerned about branding, not as much about selling you stuff. When you click these ads, they may take you somewhere to buy something, but often they are only concerned about you becoming familiar with their name and providing you information on themselves. As artistpavel noted, its not always a bad thing.

If you have ever clicked 90% of Google ads you will be take to a blog website or something else where they immediately try and shove sales down your throat.

The Google ads we do have are not for the money, trust me it would barely pay for the coffee because they don't get clicked. It is mainly to play the google ranking and search game. Hence the reason they aren't featured on a leaderboard and tucked underneath all the posts.

Guys keep in mind that the reviewers and administrators also browse and use this website. If there is an ad that hogs resources or is an eyesore we ask that it is changed because we don't want to see it.
I remember the G.Skill 100% CPU usage ad many are referencing. It was dealt with within a day

To those still stuck in the ad blocking way - be forewarned that the paid subscription model is slowly increasing its appeal to websites. Many news websites are moving to this slowly, and I suspect in a few years time you will have to fork out the dough to read some top level internet web content that was free before. Unfortunately technology websites are hit hardest because they attract the more computer savvy users who are familiar with ad blocking techniques.

I'm sorry, but if these people have the freedom to create and display anything they feel like, then I should have the freedom to block it. This kind of ad campaigning wouldn't survive anywhere else. If you want to make some money off me... earn it! Produce content worth viewing, and I'll unblock your page and visit it more often.
That's the thing, by creating the website they ARE earning it. It takes work to design, build, and maintain ANY sort of website. If you are there reading or browsing it, clearly their content is worth viewing to you and the least you can do is support them for free without any out of cost charge to you.
I operate a few websites, one of which is a community forum for a hobby I pursue. It costs me upwards of $25/mo to keep it running. My ad revenue from 2 ads positions the website... approx .30cents/day if I am lucky.

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