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Originally Posted by jurassic1024 View Post
Why do you care if the EX, a server CPU, is 45nm? It's Nehalem anyway, which is 45nm... D'oh!!! Westmere is 32nm AND for the desktop. sheesh. Do you only read headlines then jump to the comment button?
I read the whole article actually. A particular architecture is not necessarily tied to a specific manufacturing lithographic process.

Remember the Pentium 4? The Northwoods were 130nm and the Prescotts were 90nm. They were both the same Netburst architecture.

You're damn right I'm disappointed that new products are being rolled out using the 45nm process. Intel has clearly shown they CAN produce consumer products at 32nm so it's logical for me to feel disappointment when they don't shift existing quad core and new hexa and octa core CPUs to the 32nm process.

32nm = less heat, less power consumption, more overclocking with less voltage
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