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Originally Posted by Stark.tD View Post
I didnt know that, I will let him know it could be server issues...thanks for that notice.

Also Im hoping they will fix the sniper mass in snipers...thats all most ppl do is sniper and its sort of annoying.
Yup, i tried last night on a couple of "smaller" servers and couldn't connect. But when i tried a major server ( one that has many alternates for example) ) i connected and played with no problems.

Other snipers? Ha! I hate them in all honesty, for they don't know how to play a sniper properly. No, I'm not saying I'm the best sniper out there (especially against moving targets, still practicing that). But a sniper needs to be more intelligent than just camp in one spot. Me? I move somewhere else after killing 2-3 people, no matter what, even if kill cams are off. Eventually they'll find you if you camp - so I move often, which makes it very easy to spot their snipers trying to find me in my old position (because I know what areas can see my old spot).
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