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Originally Posted by CMetaphor View Post
Actually, from what I've been reading recently about these issues, it seems as if they have been fixed for a couple days. It's the fault of the individual servers that have not yet updated to R5 that is the issue.

Side note: Totally addicted to sniper/engineer. I've unlocked all the sniper rifles except the M95 and im in heaven. There are enough of them to have a use in every situation, even on non-sniping maps! The VSS is a fully automatic rifle with scope and silencer practically, works just fine on small or tight levels. For Engy, the M134AT4 is absolutely amazing, and even the UZI is very good in close-in situations. Can't wait to get home and play it again, lol.

I didnt know that, I will let him know it could be server issues...thanks for that notice.

Also Im hoping they will fix the sniper mass in snipers...thats all most ppl do is sniper and its sort of annoying.
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