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I guarantee that the PC will never ever be irrelevant. I also guarantee that we will never rely purely on the cloud as Google and Microsoft seem to believe anytime in my lifetime or even several generations after me.

I will agree that Mobile is becoming ever more capable, more powerful and more relevant to our lives but it will not replace the pc. I could site down with my laptop or my phone and write the report that I am currently writing but I dont, I choose to sit down at my PC and write it at my desk. The PC has a sense of permanency and its in general bigger. Try writing an actual report on your phone, its not possible.

I will say this though, the PC is becoming more of a server, and this is a good thing, I would love to be able to centralize all my files (music, movies, word documents, etc.) on my PC and then access it from anywhere. The cloud should not be a giant thing in Google's or Microsoft's basement, it should be based on our PCs.
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