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My System Specs


May seem a wee bit redundant, I am personally a fan of Boot and Nuke, but recently ran into an issue where it would not support a flash drive and also a WD 80GB HDD. So, i turned to the ubuntu live CD and used the shred command (as referenced here Tools to delete files securely in ubuntu Linux|Ubuntu Geek ) :

Shred Syntax

shred [option(s)] file(s)_or_devices(s)

Available Options

-f, --force - change permissions to allow writing if necessary

-n, --iterations=N - Overwrite N times instead of the default (25)

-s, --size=N - shred this many bytes (suffixes like K, M, G accepted)

-u, --remove - truncate and remove file after overwriting

-v, --verbose - show progress

-x, --exact - do not round file sizes up to the next full block

-z, --zero - add a final overwrite with zeros to hide shredding
-shred standard output

--help - display this help and exit

--version - output version information and exit
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