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My System Specs

Default Project: Basement

I purchased a home over 2 years ago, and constantly "upgrading" it.

Among the frustration, was having most of my network equipment on my computer desk. As soon as I moved in, I wanted to tear the walls out to run cat6, however time, money and patience (of my girlfriend) always got in the way.

So, when she was at work one night.. I tore out the walls. The problem with the half wall in the basement, is that I have pine wainscoting. When you tear out the tongue-and-groove wood, it splits and you have to basically buy new ones - because it's so thin.

Here are a few photos:

The start - tore out the trim pieces + started with the boards.
Notice the vapor barrier - no taping.

Wall plate coverings off

And out comes the insulation, and vapor barrier.
One note, is that the insulation was installed wrong, and so is the electrical. It should be run through the boards.. not run around the back of them. I didn't change this.. I would have to basically tear out the entire basement to do this.. which was more work than I wanted to. (Mike Holmes would not be impressed)

Starting to run the cat6 wiring. (girlfriends PC on the left)

corner shot of the wiring.

wire ran, insulation back up.

how to insulate 101 - taping / sealing for no air leakage.

Obligatory cat photo. Her name is Chloe, she's a ninja. Mainly to show the new boards.

Obligatory girlfriend photo. She's not impressed.

The start of putting it back!

corner shot - first network jack (2x Cat6) on.

all the boards on - no trim yet.

shot of my computer desk - still no trim.

complete (except paint)

complete - paint not up.. to show the difference that stain makes.

Behind the wall - underneath the stairs.
650VA Cyberpower (POS) UPS running modem, router and switch
900VA APC BackUPS XL running Dlink NAS + Windows Home Server (to the right on a stand, not pictured)

It took about a month off-and-on to finish the project, working some nights and the odd weekend (with a flu or two mixed in there) The girlfriend still has to paint, which she isn't exactly enthused about, then we can move the desks back to their proper place. I ended up running 4 network locations, 3x two plug, and one 4 plug for my desk. All cat6 wiring, keystone jacks and tips.


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