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Default Sound via HDMI out not loud enough


I've build an AMD htpc some month ago using motherboard UD3H from Gigabyte. I thik its the GA-MA785GT-UD3H. My problem is that the hdmi sound output isn't loud enough. I have to turn my tv volume to 100% to be able to hear decently. Normally at 15-20% its loud enough when playing on my wii and/or watching DVD using the standalone player... Its so irriting when i forget to turn down volume when switching input!

I am using SageTV as htpc software but even when i go back to windows listening to mp3 the same problem occur... The htpc windows volume is maxed on every device i could.

As for TV its a 46'' Samsung from 1-2 years ago. I tried to find setting in the tv but i didnt find anything. I tried to change hdmi input but no sucess. Anyways input volume from other devices are okay.

So is there anykind of setting that could help me get the sound louder? Are there some sort of sound booster via hdmi? Or maybe a setting in the ati driver that i couldnt find?
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