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I also don't mind the looks of the Antec 900, I was looking into getting a XION 102 case, but the cooling is garbage in them, and it's not a very stable case. But the looks are sweet! I think enaberif just has anger issues, did you not get hugged as a child? I mean to be so stubborn and bull headed to be MAD at someone for not switching his case in time by the time NCIX shipped his 900, not to mention he ALREADY said he was over budget. I mean.. I'm just throwing my 2 cents out there, but I find you really pathetic for being mad at someone for it. I have made a few posts I have felt foolish about because it's such an easy question for most people on this site, and I'm not a fanatic like some people are. But no one, NO ONE was come forward and been a total asshole after I asked their advice and went a different way. I think you should probably do something with your life that makes you happy for a change? Maybe getting off your computer..? I'm in the Canadian Infantry, and I absolutely love my life bro, I get to do things, which regular people don't ever do.. and I don't owe a damn thing to society. Don't go around making people think that they owe you something when they don't, you had a choice to post in this forum regardless what was chosen, don't ruin the site for some people by making them feel like shit.
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