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Default Fermi benchmarking controversy

A moderator on has run the Unigine benchmark at the settings used in nVidia's 'GTX480 vs 5870' slides on his 5850, and the results are surprising.

Originally Posted by IEATFISH
Uh-oh nvidia guys, my results are gonna probably make some of you flame me. I lined up the axis 0 an 80 and then stretched the sides until my peaks matches the ones on their chart (since fraps was started and ended at a different time than they did). My results show that they most likely benched a 5850 and not a 5870 as there was only a 1 or 2 FPS difference (and my system is far from optimized whereas theirs is probably a clean install). There is also some slight tilt in their chart still so that could account for the very slight differences. :eek:

edit: Or maybe my 5850 is a 5870 in disguise. :D
His results are in blue.

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