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Originally Posted by Synth View Post
On my 3GS, I get 2 full days on 1 charge (about 50% per day). That's using it for phone, RSS feeds, push mail, and very light browsing.

Stop Youtubing
I think I've watched 1 video on it the entire time I've had it lol.
I jailbroke it within 3 seconds with BlackRa1n yesterday. Pretty unbelievable how easy they've made jailbreaking now adays.

I've got a woman who is addicted to text messaging, so I find myself replying to approx 100 msgs a day. I guess that would suck the battery life. My screen brightness is also set very low, and I have the phone on vibrate so its not like its putting out power for loud sounds all the time either...

Jailbreaking your iphone is a must for anyone know wants to use their phone to its fullest potential. I'm so glad I don't have to CLOSE then REOPEN my apps everytime I get a msg, or call!

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