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Originally Posted by matsta31 View Post
Can you go into your router wirelesse utility page and print screen it ? It looks like you are running at G speed, wich is normally some settings from the router. Enven 130 Mb/s looks to me like you had an hibryd connection going on.
When you say print screen the wireless utility page, do you mean the green icon that is normally in the system tray at the bottom? That is no longer there on windows 7. I will go into more detail.

Adapter: WUSB600N version 1

Router: WRT160N version 1

The installation CD does nothing, it just gets to the part where it asks you to plug the adapter in and hit continue. When I hit continue, nothing happens. No configuration utility.

So what I did was uninstall everything, simply plug my adapter in, then go to device manager and click update drivers, where I selected my windows 7 64 but driver. Everything loads nicely, takes about 5 seconds and then I see that I can enter my network password and voilla, I am connected, but at 54mb/s.

This is the same device that I was getting 130 mb/s on under windows XP. My security level should be the same too, which is WPA personal TKIP.

I built a new PC with windows 7, clean install. The computer is in the same place as the old PC.

On a side note, wow is linksys support awful. The people on their 24 hour tech support line tell me that since my product is past the warranty date, they cannot help me unless I pay $30! They could literally know exactly what the problem is and tell me what to do over the phone, but they won't unless I pay more money. If they want to destroy customer loyalty as fast as possible, they are doing a goood job.
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