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Default Trying to get wireless internet to run at full speed on windows 7

So I have the Linksys WUSB600N wireless adapter and a matching router. When I was on windows XP my internet ran at 130 mbs/s. I built a new PC with windows 7 and I downloaded the windows 7 driver off the linksys website. After installing the driver my internet works, but is capped at 54mbs/s.

I tried calling linksys but the lady on the phone was useless and just kept telling me to check the support website, which I have already done.

I would like to get my internet back up to full speed because after all, I paid good money for a product that isn't even that old so I expect it to work.

Before on XP I used the installation CD and it installed a linksys utility. Now on windows 7 it seems like the ultility can't be installed and windows does it on its own now.

Any ideas how to get my speed back? Or did linksys just leave its customers high and dry?
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