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It really is the luck of the draw, and I think it also does come down to which brand you are comfortable with.

I have bought only Western Digital drives for as long as I could remember, in fact, I don't think I've used anything else. It all started when I was recommended a WD drive, ever since, I just kept on buying them. I have not had any issues whatsoever with any of WD drives I have bought. Using their notorious Raptors then proceeded to using pretty much every drive they offered without any hiccups, I simply grew attached and comfortable with them. And when I do buy a WD drive, I do expect it to perform as well as any other WD drive ive previously bought. I did go through a phase when I wanted to try seagate since they were a little cheaper, but since the seagates 7200.11s at one time just seemed to be dropping like flies, I thought I'd stay away from them a little longer.

Of course, If I do experience any problems with a new WD drive, all that loyalty goes straight down to hell :P So I guess its somewhat a state of mind.

Also, I am pleased with WD's standard 5 year waranty on their black and enterprise drives, nice knowing they got your back that far along. I would like to see that implemented on the Green and Blue drives as well.
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