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Default Works for Windows 7 TOO!

Hi, I just signed up to say thanks! You'll be pleased to know this fix works in Windows 7 as well. And, for some reason, it also fixed my printer sharing!

I have an XP SP3 machine as my main computer on an 8 port wired router, then I have two Buffalo access points, one acting as an access point, and the other acting as a repeater for the first.

My new Laptop has Windows 7. I could get it to talk to my XP machine's root drives, and that machine could see the new 7 machine's root drives, but it couldn't talk to them. I share all my root drives through my network, including the two upstairs, since there are no children here, I've never worried about it and it's become the norm for as long as I've had a network here at home. Why set up share folders when you don't have too, good grief.

Well, I couldn't get the XP machine to talk to the 7 Laptop's roots (3 of them), and I couldn't get the Laptop to print through the XP machine, even though the printer was installed directly to the 7 machine previously, with the new 64 bit drivers. That was always good enough for XP as far as share printing ever went.

Forget the MS forums mess! You should read how they talk to their users on their forums. No wonder everyone hates Redmond. But, after reading the minutes of the last Mac investors meeting, they're even worse. Anyway, I had NO LUCK, NO WAY, NO HOW!

Until I happened to stumble on this page. I got the XP machine to start talking to the 7 machine root drives, with some caveats, then ran the network printer settup as a local printer, which is exactly the opposite of what the screens would imply you should do; and instead of entering all the crap MS wants you to enter from their forums, I just entered the XP machines name, and the Printer name, which is Printer3 on the network. \\computer name\printer name

Wah Lah! Just like that, the printer setup completed and Windows 7 finally found the 64 bit drivers it already had to run it. This would NOT work until the root drive sharing was fixed. GOOD GRIEF!

I haven't wasted hours on this mess, I've wasted days!

Why does MS do this? Simple, just like they tried to do with Vista; they're just trying to isolate the OS and making is so miserable for the general public, that the average Joe Comsumer will just upgrade to 7 on everything. It's all about money. Simple as that. Boy, does MS hate XP or what? But they also did the same thing to the 98/ME OS's. I had to toss a 1 year old 289 dollar version of Front Page 2000 after I migrated to XP; wow, was that an expensive upgrade or what???

I've been in these machines ever since the 8086 days and just can fathom the outright thieves MS has become.

I still can't believe the loss I was at to get this settup to work properly.

Thank God for Geeks! God bless us, everyone...

Now, if someone could please tell me why Windows 7 loses my bluetooth connection after I hang up from a call, and have to start all over to connect it, sometimes even having to uninstall the headset! Even though the sound screens say it's still connected. This is one piece of Sh-T OS!!!

Thanks MUCHO!


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