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Default 8800GTS 640MB (w/112SPs) SSC Edition vs 8800 512MB?

Hi guys,

I read the review on here not to long ago and ended up buying the 8800GTS 640MB (w/112SPs) SSC Edition. I've been looking over at EVGA's site and it looks like the only thing that might be worth upgrading to with the step-up program is the new 8800GTS 512MB (I'm not sure that it is worth it is the problem, is it a downgrade even?) . I play games at 1680x1050. Is this an exchange worth doing? What's confusing me is is the 128MB less of memory going to be a big enough ding to make it a worse card for me? Also the 640 costs more which is also throwing me off (which I've read doesn't mean a whole lot though.) I think I'd only have to pay shipping to get the exchange.

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