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Ok, I solved it... Yeah it was full version. I came across something at the very bottom of the twentieth (approx) page that I looked at about the problem.

Some guy said he was at a complete loss, until it dawned on him what he would do in Microsoft's position. Essentially, force people to use your programs. Basically, for some reason you need the Microsoft file transfer from Internet Explorer in order to download the iso properly, otherwise it's corrupted. I'm guessing this isn't always the case, otherwise everyone who downloads from TechNet using another browser wouldn't be able to use their downloads.

It worked for me though. I had been downloading the iso (twice) with Chrome, originally, and I was getting the error, and then I re-downloaded it with IE (also, much faster, was cooking along at 2 MB/s) and it worked like a charm, with no problems. Seems a little malicious, but obviously not using IE caused the problem.
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