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a few years ago i lived in a house with terribly unstable power coming from the wall. it took a few blown psus (one actually blew out sparks and smoke until the fan melted shut) to figure out the problem. im a tech guy, and i couldnt find anything wrong with the pc. i took it in to 2 different shops who thought it was a bad ground or bad mobo/memory etc. turns out all i needed was a ups to end my troubles. i got one of these and have never had a problem with it since. i wouldnt run a pc without one now.

anyway, a few years later, i get a message from my ups software saying my batteries are 3 years old and may not hold a proper charge like they used to. in all this time i have spent about 30 seconds on battery power during 'blackout' situations, but it has protected me from 100's of 'brownouts' and other problems. my question is, will it still protect my system properly from the brownouts with these old batteries or should i replace them/the whole unit?

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