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If the SSD was recognized it most likely is fine. Sounds like your OS just got nuked. Try copying some files TO the SSD. If you can it should be good to go. If it can only read...its toast.
If the full model name is FS-25S2-64GB then your SSD is a single JMicron JM602 controller based SSD. Good news is it is SLC and not MLC NAND....bad news is your SSD does not have TRIM support nor any ITGC worth talking about. You can run FreeSpaceCleaner.exe w/ FF option (aka AS-Clean) and it will write 1's to all the free cells. Then delete the file it creates. This will bring all the empty cells back to a virgin state. It will take awhile. Only do it when the drive starts to feel slow as it is using up cell life (not a lot as you get 100,000 writes per cell on avg w/ SLC BUT it will add up over time IF you run it everyday) every couple or even once a week should be more than enough. :)

Some other HWC members prefer other programs to do this. It doesnt really matter as they are all doing basically the same thing. IF you want to take an extra step, do a "TONY-TRIM" which adds a free space consolidation to the equation before running FreeSpaceCleaner / AS-Clean.

Here is a link to OCZ's guide. It has links for AS-Clean.
Guide A simple guide for gen1 owners( Apex, solid, core V1/V2) or raid array owners who want to consolidate free space and clean the remaining Nand on the drives. OCZ gen2 drives..Vertex, Agility, Solid2, TURBO owners with FW 1.5 you do not need this.
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