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Exclamation SSD damage / failure tests?

Long story short, there was a power outage back home Thursday evening, and my router died. No biggie I told myself, remove and replace. But last night my UPS (APC 1300) gave me a warning that volts were out of spec, and the minute after my lappy froze.

I had to do a hard reboot, BIOS POST'ed but Windows started the hard drive repair procedure - trice, actually. With the same result, that the sectors (?) could not be repaired.

I connected the SSD to my main rig, it was recognized and I managed to copy my personal files over... question now is: dead SSD? Or is it only the OS that took the hit, and I need to format / re-install?

The drive is a 1st Gen. Gskill 64GB, model FM-25S2S-64 - no "name" (not Titan, Falcon or Falcon II). From what I read over at the Gskill forums, no TRIM or Wiper.exe exist for that particular model. Are there any apps that will wipe that drive clean and perform tests to make sure it was not damaged?

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