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My thoughts:
  • At present, DX10 has been supported by cards for over a year, and there still isn't a single game out there that doesn't use DX9.
  • The ones that also support DX10 almost universally use it for high-end settings that most cards aren't capable of running smoothly.
  • Despite many other rumours about them, I've seen no indication that G100/R700/Whatever the hell NVidia and ATI actually call their new architectures will support DX11. Even if they do, they're not expected for at least half a year yet.
  • Conclusion: It's going to be a loooong time before you'll need a DX11 card.
Grab a 8800 GT or an HD3850, you'll do alright. If you got a little money, the 8800GTS and HD3870 will give you a little more performance at slightly less value. If you have some money and patience, there have been rumours that Nvidia's going to be turning out a single card replacement for the 8800 GTX, just slightly below their upcoming dual-PCB card.
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