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Default CrossfireX delay & DX10 a Lame Duck ?!

Fudzilla - CrossfireX driver expected this quarter

I am in the sad and embarassing position of waiting 6 months for just the right video card to come along(stupid Most Wanted,yay Serious Sam,Grim Fandango next?),I know I know.I am still buying a card, but now I dont know if it will be the R680 (or Nvidia equivalent) as originally thought or a nice used dx9 cheapie to get me by until the industry gets its stuff together.I am just getting back into pc gaming and wanted something that would last a bit.It did not occur to me until last night reading CES "news" that upgrading gradually with dx10 crossfirex is pointless if DX11(assuming it has some longevity)is so close!Are companies now going to skip dx10 without it ever getting off the ground?Bought WIC and Lost PLanet in anticipation! So I guess its probably full steam ahead anyway with r680(or equivilant) and not worry too much about the possibility of upgrading this particular build(q6600 4gigs)for games of tomorrow.No January crossfirex drivers as well?aaarrrgh.Here I was thinking graphics card makers were shifting their sli xfire strategy to aid in upgradeability and avoid obsolesance.Alas,it looks as though it is still for those who can afford to buy 2 or three of the latest and greatest in one go.

Anyone with insight into hardware and software development cycles care to put their 2 cents in? Thanks for hearing my rant and speculation

Bah!! I am probably taking up the wrong hobby(bought a turntable yesterday for my long play hi-fi delity recordings)
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