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Short answer: Don't worry. That is an old article. (IIRC) Its On the older Gen 1 X25m SSD. It was before TRIM was released for the Gen2s.

Long Answer:
They are talking about a drive getting into a degraded state. TRIM and/or ITGC keep this from happening by erasing cells which are used but contain invalid data and bringing them back to a virgin state.

You have to remember that A) TRIM is relatively new on Intel SSDs so that article is way outdated B) Intel's Idle Time Garbage Collection was purposely made weak to be easier on the cells. ITGC when running full throttle is bloody hard on the cells (and why no mfg'er does it at FULL capacity unless they are trying to keep a degraded state from happening at all costs). This is why later Indilinx firmware softened and toned it down. Intel knew this and purposely made their's underwhelming (this is one of the reasons I was so PO'ed that Intel screwed over their gen 1 customers by NOT releasing TRIM firmware for it...or even a manual TRIM option as what that article describes can happen).

It is a difference in philosophies. Intel expects you to keep the SSD for many, many years (5+) and planned for TRIM with that in mind. Indilinx believes that you are more than likely going to upgrade long before it becomes a serious issue (under 5yrs). By using either automatic TRIM via the OS and AHCI and /or manual trim via the Intel toolbox you can not get into a degraded state. BUT this is why you NEED to either use win 7 + MSAHCI driver + AHCI in BIOS OR use the ToolBox.

This is also why I recommend holding off on the Linux SSD idea for awhile to see what happens in that end of the market. I am not a Linux expert, but right now it is even more messed up then it is in the Windows end of the market. ;)
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