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Is the Intel X25M G2 good to go out of the box? I read something about one of their firmware versions contributing to a FREEZE. What's that about? Is it fixed? Also, I went to the Intel downloads site for that SSD and I didn't notice any mention of TRIM. Is it included w/ the latest firmware or? Sorry, about my ignorance with this.... I'm only starting to become familiar. One more thing: um, I believe we want to use AHCI instead of IDE-emulation mode with these SSDs, right? So, just make sure it's enabled as the mode to use in my motherboard's BIOS? I do already so I shouldn't have to change it. I installed XP, tough, on my HDD and I used nLite to slipstream XP so it could use the AHCI drivers/mode. If I got a copy of Window 7 and bought a X25M G2 SSD, I wouldn't have to do any changes? Just install mobo/video/LAN drivers, the Intel firmware.... anything else?
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