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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Soultribunal View Post
@ fTgF - True, I will only support Fermi for Folding right now as I have more than enough gaming power in my Current GPU's.

However, for your Autocross Dreams (Solo 1 or Solo 2 BTW?) wait for Ford's Focus RS. Much better overall Platform. Or get an Audi :). Subaru is hyped, and yes they are good, but its more fun to take something not commonly seen and spank them on the track. Come out to Mosport this summer, I'll be there, waiting.

Sorry for the following as it is

Solo 2 It will be my first year so take it easy I used just go to the track but I want to change it up. Is the Focus RS coming to North America? Regardless its FW bleh and it's 25,000 new in the UK. I know it's an awesome car the Volvo engine is a monster, but I'm a student that could not even come close to affording that. Especially for amateur autocross . As with Audi I liked there WRC cars but nothing really interests me.

I like the JDM Subarus, Mitsubishis because they are dirt cheap and can be found with super low ks and it's easy to know if they are legit. For the price nothing can touch the performance. Maybe in autocross there are better cars but I can have an awd car that starts at 260hp can get up to 300hp with stock internals for almost nothing and has less then 50,000km? Can't touch that. Also the car I'm bringing in has 25,000km with all it's shaken. Never seen a winter, not one spec of rust and the paint is practically new. Haha anyways I get excited when I talk about this stuff.

So what kind of AutoX monster are you driving ST?

Bringing it back........ how about that GTX 480?.................
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