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My System Specs


I am extremely p_ssed to say the least with Steam / Valve right now!!

Its absolutely imperative that I'm able to Connect to Steam in "Offline" Mode so that I can play my Games on my Notebook when I'm out of town (I don't have access to the Net when I'm away).
For the last 2 days a Steam update has fubarred the ability to connect "Offline" with a "Steam Client update" (was over the weekend).
Now, I just got a new Steam Client Update installed and works on my Desktop, i'm able to go to "Offline Mode"
Same Client Update installed on my Notebook and fvck.....same "Cannot Connect to Steam...crap when I try to connect in "Offline mode"...on my notebook of course.

Steam Forum has most folks claiming the Client Update fixed "Offline Mode", but a few are still going through whooaas, including me :(

The $$$ I spend on the games thier and now this.....I absolutely hate this crap.....and great, its happening right when I'm trying to get a nice clean W7 install on my Notebook n tune her all up for when I have to head out of town.....Just want Steam on my notebook with a couple of I can play in Offline Mode, like I was able to do before thier last "Client Update" fvcked it all up......

Thier...I feel better..thats my Steam Rant !

Hanna......sorry for "Ranting" on your Thread...

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