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Originally Posted by b1lk1 View Post
There are a great many people, including alot of the top[ guns in the overclocking world that beg to differ with you. Nvidia dropped the ball bigtime on this and if it does not deliver then they will most definitely lose major market share to ATI. You may not either want to see this or care, but this is the word on the internet. Just look at XS, TPU, EOCF and any other large PC enthusiast form. Also do not forget, if the rumors are even close to true, ATI will not even need to drop prices and consumers will not benefit one bit.
Personally I could care less who has what market share. I don't own any stake in these companies. This is just a hobby for me to kill time. No one can really say anything until the cards are out. Again if they suck so what? I just never understood getting upset over this stuff. Ohhhhh big time OCers are saying this and that again why does this matter? Really for me I just find it fascinating the emotions thrown around. This is supposed to be fun. I'm not an nvidia or ati fanboy who ever has the best cards gets my money. That is until the new cards are worth upgrading to. Really my rant is not necessarily directed at HWC since it seems to be pretty tame compared to other forums but man are geeks just hilarious, especially since most of these are grown men.

I know that I'm pretty much doing the same thing by posting but man some of these people need chill out and remember what this is all about.
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