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The X25-M gen 2 is certainly the best out there right now. But if 80GB is too small, the 120GB Vertex would be next choice.
The Agility uses the same controller it just has slower and (slightly) less capable NAND. Unless you go for a X25-E or Vertex EX you will be looking at MLC NAND. SLC is certainly better at writes....but you pay for the increase in performance!

Basically it all comes down to budget and patience. If you need/want/desire the best right now, dont want to wait and 80GB is enough room...the X25-m gen 2 is the one to get.
If you want to play with two SSDs the Agility is the way I would go. If you need 120GB a Vertex would be the way to go. Pick any of em and enjoy as they are the biggest single upgrade you can make. :)
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