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Originally Posted by lechumbl View Post
Hi all,

I have been out of the PC field too many years, and my brain does not retain the stuff anymore.

My wife's system has Vista 32 (PLEASE don't laugh) on her C drive and Win XP 64 on the D drive.

I want to delete all of the Vista junk and change the D drive XP drive to become the C drive.
And of course, the Vista C drive would become the D Backup drive.
Can I delete the C drive data, unplug the C drive, make the D, XP drive the active drive and change letter to C.
Then hook up the previous Vista drive as D and use for backup?

Damn, that even confuses me.

Take care, and thanx in advance.............

PS: If this was my system, I would go for it, but she is so picky as to not trashing her system.
really not advisable.

Are you wanting to boot Win XP all the time and drop Vista?

Problem with what you are wanting to do is the registry is what will give you grief.
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