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Sorry dude....this aint instant chat. :/

Have some patience, you catch more flies with honey...etc etc.

If you are planning on going Win 7 then yes you want TRIM. Use AHCI mode and MSAHCI drivers to take advantage of TRIM.

If a drive doesn't support it....its ancient and not the best choice.

You will have no issues running your OS off a SSD and having HDD as your data drive. Your OS doesnt care. This is how I run my setups and is the most logical and easy way of doing things. Really no down sides to a SSD + HDD setup.

IF 60GB is enough for your OS drive (just windows and main apps, store data on a HDD) and you want a good bang for your buck SSD look at the Gskill Falcon 2 and OCZ Agility. Mid tier kit that are very fast compared to HDDs and have a better cost to performance ratio. Either one is a great way to get started and wont cost an arm and a leg. Might be the way to go if you want one for MS and one for *nix. I have no comments on Linux and SSDs as I dont run Linux and SSDs together (only systems I have that run a nix flavour are my NAS's).
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