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Default SSD recommendations?

I have some questions regarding SSDs plus a request for recommendations.

First, a brief intro to why I'm inquiring and what my situation is:
*'Thought I might upgrade to Windows 7 so maybe buy a SSD too, right? I read a post in which someone is doing that. 'Makes sense to me.

*I also use Linux, too, though. SSDs are expensive. 120GB or 128GB is probably the largest I could afford and even that is pushing it. I haven't read anything about dual-booting in SSDs so could anyone comment? However, I'm investigating reserving one hard drive for a Windows 7 install and one HDD for my Linux installs. I could buy the SSD for Windows 7 and use my current 320GB for Linux. I ran out of disk space but that's my fault for not moving/copying my data to storage drives.

*I plan on buying a storage drive for my Windows data but that's another post.

*I have read some articles on SSD drives but to be honest, it mostly adds to the confusion. Do I want a drive that offers TRIM? Do I want Intel or OCZ Vertex? Should I wait for the newer technologies or models? I found the Intel G2 X-25M for $250 but the OCZ Vertex 120GB for $309 w/rebate is a better deal $/GB, right? As long as I copy/move my data to the storage drive, I can probably live with 80GB. I think? I am not sure how different it will be installing Windows 7 and programs/apps compared to XP. This brings me to a related question.

*How is the experience copying/moving files to a traditional/legacy storage drive? How do SSD drives and typical hard drives interact? Any issues to speak of?

*Back to recommendations: which to buy? I also thought I could even save up for two and install ONE Linux OS on the other. Else, I could do as before but have Windows on 'the other drive.' I could even keep XP on the 320GB SATA drive although I probably wouldn't use it much if I had Windows 7. It's only taking up 20GB of space, though. What should I do?

I think I probably typed too much. I'm too lazy to summarize but I did try to not write a novel. ;-)

Despite the lengthy post, I hope it is interesting enough to provoke some replies. I'm totally undecided and uncertain of what to do. I'm also debating which storage drive to get so.... yeah...

Thanks in advance for any replies....'will be keeping a close eye on this thread!
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